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Cold Storage Chambers

Modern cooling systems require a high level of professional engineering knowledge, experience in installing these systems, as well as a solid knowledge of both local and EU legislations. The buyer of a cold storage chamber shall get all the necessary help in analyzing and choosing the necessary technology of cooling from “Frigovent”, having in mind the ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND ECOLOGICAL ACCEPTANCE.

Upon the correct choice of the cooling system technology, creation of the draft and detailed versions of the project follows. In the project phase, we choose technical solutions and equipment which grant a high criterion in quality, energy efficiency and ecological A detailed project is crucial for a successful installation of cooling equipment of high quality. Our HVAC team is quite experienced, possesses numerous references and consists of extraordinary experts who have all the necessary licenses for installing specific equipment, pipes welding and brazing, as well as handling various traditional and natural cooling media.

The ultimate goal of our whole team is professional commissioning, getting the cooling system to optimal work and temperature regimes suggested by the project and technology, then training and passing the system to the buyer for their use.

Positive temperature cold rooms

This type of cold rooms is intended for food storage needed in production, processing, distributing and sale. In such storage rooms we install the latest equipment, tailor-made to our buyers’ demands which ensures:


  • optimal measurement as well as temperature and humidity regulation
  • appropriate ventilation system storage transparency
  • maintaining the necessary level of product humidity
  • adapting to logistic requirements of the premises (transport, packaging, racks)

Negative temperature cold rooms

Storages for frozen goods operate in negative temperature regime and are intended for longer storing of products. In most cases, those are cold rooms with built-in racks which allow using the space up to maximum capacities, and handling goods functionally and neatly. Apart from the appropriate cooling system, high-quality isolation is also important in cold rooms for storing frozen goods, especially regarding:

  • preventing thermal bridges
  • vapour barrier
  • the right choice of refrigeration doors
  • heating the crucial elements (doors, condensate drain outlets, etc.

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