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The Art of Storage

ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) technology

Storing and protecting, two words which are key to everything we do: giving your products exactly the care and attention they need in order to achieve the highest possible returns. As a specialist in CA, ULO, DCA and other storage technologies, we offer tailored solutions to create a protective atmosphere.

Why Frigovent?

The answer is simple: proven technology and knowledge, highly experienced engineers. We work with Besseling Group.

Products and solutions we implement are tried and tested under the most difficult and most extreme conditions. We set the most stringent requirements for everything we do.

Thanks to our expertise, we are able to offer you integrated solutions for all your storage needs and, if desired, advice on the many facets of atmosphere, cold and humidity control. Our high-quality products have been specially developed to store your products – long-term, affordable, reliable and with a minimum of maintenance. In short: a complete program to preserve your products/income.

Frigovent offers you peace of mind in your cold store and beyond. And that is exactly what we mean by “the art of storage”.

Controlled Atmosphere storage

The market price for fruit and vegetables is primarily determined by quality, supply and demand. But how do you maintain the best quality in your products until the most suitable moment? Simple: by opting for storage under Controlled Atmosphere (CA) conditions.

By using CA, the physiological processes in the stored product are slowed down, resulting in an extended storage life. The product is put into hibernation so to speak. The required conditions are achieved by creating and maintaining a special protective atmosphere.

Lowering the oxygen level slows respiration and reduces the metabolism of important nutrients. The aim is to keep the oxygen level as low as possible in order to preserve these nutrients – hence quality.

The remaining oxygen is converted into CO2, which in turn ensures that the respiration of fruit and vegetables is further slowed down. However, excess CO2 will damage your product and must therefore be removed.

Ethylene is produced by fruit and vegetables and stimulates the ripening process – hence the ageing process. In order to slow down these processes, it is necessary to remove this harmful ethylene gas from the air of the cold stores for some products.

Each product variety requires different conditions. Depending on factors such as climate, weather, soil conditions, growing conditions and the time of picking, the optimum conditions vary not only year by year, but also from one product to another and even from one variety to another. As experts in CA storage, we offer you tailored solutions and every opportunity to keep a close watch on your valuable produce.

These days, many different storage concepts are available: ULO, DCA, ILOS, DILOS, DCE, etc. Besseling can supply both the protocols and the required equipment for these concepts.

Benefits of ULO sold storage warehouses and cold rooms

  •   Lengthening of storage times, which can be 2-4 times longer then in classic cold rooms
  •  Commercialization period can easily be extended up to the maximum storage potential of the fruit
  •  Diminished loss of acids, sugars and vitamin C, therefore the nutritional qualities are superior
  •  Maintenance of excellent consistency of the fruit pulp, with consequently increased ease in handling
  • Several physiological alterations are avoided or greatly limited, such as scald, cold injury, spots, internal breakdown, internal browning, and water core
  • Limited degradation of the chlorophyll with consequently major color stability
  • Diminution and slowing of rot, in particular with low oxygen levels and in presence of C02 in the atmosphere
  • Safe and healthy alternative to chemical treatments after picking

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