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Cold tunnels

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It is certain that just a small part of preconditions for a good product is fulfilled by reaching required temperatures during the technological treatment and food storing. It is well-known that a proper and high-quality treatment without a doubt includes not only reached temperatures, but also optimal humidity, air flow speed control, the way of storing, the speed of cooling and freezing products, as well as many other elements.

Deep freezing tunnels - continuous in-line and batch tunnels

The modern way of processing fresh food requires deep freezing. We make deep freezing tunnels as separate units or as a part of the whole cold storage chamber. The production of tunnels is specific and depends on the type of food to be frozen. Tunnels vary in capacities and dimensions, and depending on your needs, they are adapted to a type, amount and time of freezing.

A deep freezing tunnel is an important element in food production. Goods are frozen quickly by intensive air flow and low temperatures from the evaporator, and the time of freezing is approximately an hour a ton. In the tunnel projected for freezing, the vaporizing temperature of a working fluid is -42°C. The goods entering the tunnel are previously cooled down to 1°C in transport. This type of treating goods, the so-called "shock freezing", ensures a high quality of food due to the forming of small crystals which do not penetrate tissue membranes. The tunnel conditions are ensured by an evaporator whose total power is adaptable to a specific request. The fluid used is freon R404A, and such low evaporating temperatures are ensured by a two-level compression.

After the freezing process has finished, the goods are transferred to negative temperature cold room storages. Negative temperature cold room storages are important for the maintaining of achieved quality due to previous processes. The vaporizing temperature of a fluid in freezing chambers is -32°C. The chamber conditions are ensured by an evaporator whose total power is adaptable to a specific request. The working fluid is R404A.

The characteristics of cold tunnels

The characteristics of these tunnels are the following:

  • freezing capacity is 2-25 t/24 hours, in one or two batches;
  • air temperature is -35 to -40°C;
  • air flow speed is 3-5 m/s;
  • the time of freezing is about 5 to 25 hours, depending on the type of a product and cooling capacity of a generator;
  • the speed of freezing is about 0,1 to 1 cm/h.

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