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Ice water tanks

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It is certain that just a small part of preconditions for a good product is fulfilled by reaching required temperatures during the technological treatment and food storing. It is well-known that a proper and high-quality treatment without a doubt includes not only reached temperatures, but also optimal humidity, air flow speed control, the way of storing, the speed of cooling and freezing products, as well as many other elements.

Benefits of water cooling systems for dairy industry

The efficiency of the production of dairy products depends on the correct choice of a cooling system. The use of appropriate cooling systems allows an optimal cooling power and desired ice water temperature, as well as the temperature of the final product at any time. This technology often requires the installation of ice banks which additionally increases the energy efficiency of the whole cooling system.

By choosing the correct capacity of a cooling system and the appropriate ice accumulation (ice water tanks), it is possible to greatly save electrical energy and increase the total efficiency of production and product quality.

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