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Blast Chillers


Advantages of a Blast Chiller / Freezer


As a Blast Chiller / Freezer is specifically designed to quickly and efficiently reduce the temperature of hot and warm food, the refrigeration system will often consume more power than normal commercial refrigeration. This can be off putting for those who are energy and cost conscious. However, in addition to the essential food safety reassurances the Blast Chilling and Freezing method offer, used as part of a well-planned and managed process a Blast Chiller / Freezer will also significantly improve, service, optimize the preparation process and cooking timescales, whilst reducing overall production time, food waste and food production costs.

What are benefits of using a Blast Chiller?

Maintaining food quality
All foods, once cooked, quickly lose many of their appealing characteristics. This is due to natural bacterial growth during the cooling process. To maintain food quality it is important to reduce any form of food deterioration by taking control of humidity, time and  temperature. Choosing the right Blast Chiller / Freezer will help you to do this. By using the correct chilling method, taste and appearance are  maintained while vitamins and natural goodness are preserved along with food flavour, texture, colour, aroma and nutrients.
Prevent food shrinkage
Depending on the food type, ambient temperature, humidity and timescales, food can quickly reduce in size and weight through moisture loss. By using the correct chilling programme a Blast Chiller can significantly reduce the level of dehydration of products by preventing the natural evaporation that takes place when food is left to cool in a normal environment. Avoid normal moisture loss through evaporation during slow cooling procedures.
Increase menu choice and service
A more extensive menu can easily be offered by preparing food ahead of busy periods and regenerating food as requested. Kitchen resources, staff and equipment can be used at less busy periods to provide a wider choice of menu options. Service will naturally improve as the kitchen team will have more time to focus on consistently providing a full menu along with carefully presented dishes. Using a Blast Chiller as part of a well planned production process, provides an opportunity for the kitchen and service teams to be ready, day or night, for a sudden increase in customers, and be ready to meet unexpected demand.
Achieve Food Safety Standards
Normally the blast chilling function will reduce cooked food temperatures from +70°C down to +3°C within a period of 90 minutes. By using a Blast Chiller, this will ensure food items are handled in line with Government Food Standards Agency regulations. Used appropriately the Blast Chiller can also ensure full compliance with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) standards. The HACCP system is designed to assess the possible risks that may affect food safety at each stage of production. The use of a Blast  Chiller ensures a high level of safety whilst supporting a uniform standard.
Improve shelf life

Save and profit

By reducing the period of time when food temperature naturally accelerates the rate at which harmful bacteria grows, chefs and producers are able to extend the shelf life of food products. This can significantly improve sales and availability, whilst reducing food waste.

Gain peace of mind


Government standards state that all cooked food, which will not be consumed straight away (normally within 2 hours), must be cooled as quickly as possible to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria. By using a Blast Chiller, cooked food products reaching a temperature of +3°C can be safely stored in a refrigerator without affecting the performance of the refrigeration equipment and the condition of other food stuffs held in the cabinet or cold room.

Save time and money

Efficient and easy to use

Once in place and used appropriately, a Blast Chiller quickly becomes an essential piece of the kitchen or production equipment enabling the efficient use of resources, increase scale of purchasing ingredients and larger batch production. A Blast Chiller enables the safe storage of pre-prepared foods when staff are less busy. Larger quantities of ingredients can be purchased, prepared and chilled for storage without sacrificing the food or unnecessary food waste. Save energy by making more efficient use of your cooking equipment by fully utilizing capacity and only at times when the equipment is needed. Blast Chillers are not known for low energy consumption, since they are designed to reduce the temperature of food as quickly as possible. However, energy saving can be made by using this type of refrigeration by using cooking or baking equipment to full capacity, then chilling and storing food products accordingly.

What are the benefits of using a Blast Freezer ( Shock Freezer)?

Many of the benefits of using a Blast Chiller are the same when using a Blast Freezer. However, there is unique advantage to using a Blast Freezer rather than a normal commercial freezer or freezer room. Due to the speed of the freezing process smaller ice crystals form in the food product, reducing any damage to the structure of the food that can occur during a standard freezing process. By using a normal commercial freezer water within the product freezes slowing and transforms into large crystals that expands and tears the  structure of the food.
Most frozen food products can then be immediately stored in afreezer for a period of 3 to 18 month depending on the food product. Blast Freezing is ideal for all food products that need to be preserved at a storage temperature -18°C at the core of the product. As with a Blast Chiller, a Blast Freezer (Shock Freezer) used appropriately as part of your food preparation or production can: o reduce the deterioration of products during the freezing process o increase the shelf life of the food product o maintain food quality including flavour, texture, colour, aroma and nutrients o save money making use of seasonal and bulk offers o save labour by enabling larger batch production o reduce waste of unwanted products and preserve for later use o add new products to menu o be prepared and stored during less busy periods o assist in the improvement of service and kitchen organisation o give peace of mind by knowing that food products have been chilled properly in line with food safely guidelines.

Prima Line

The PRIMA line consists of 3 blast chiller solutions – simple, functional, reliable and economical.
Frigovent Prima Line Blast Chillers are the professional solution for HoReCa industry, from the small bakeries and patisseries, gastronomy, hotels and restaurants.

Energy Line

The ENERGY line consists of 6 different solutions of blast chillers thought out, engineered and manufactured to economize the use and the energy consumption.

Class Line

The CLASS line consists of 6 different solutions of blast chillers designed, thought out and produced to offer the best in terms of quality of the components used, their performance and reliability.

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